Moving from coast to coast without a job can be difficult. I found a
home with then, The Altrum Group, in May 2011. Working as a graphic
artist in a larger art team has helped to mold me into the designer
that I am today. Here are some of the projects I have worked on in
my five years years at Altrum Honors.

paper roll plexi replica  

three proposed drafts for hudson valley bank project

metlife plexi shape with silver plates on black pedestal base

plexi pieces with building details and plexi logo on black base

mini lightpost, sign replica and clear rectangle on sandstone base

crystal pieces on crystal base  

building replica on gray plexi base  

crane replica on red plexi base  

building replica on black base  

crystal with sloped top and building 3d etched inside

three proposed drafts for eagle project

wooden dart board with details printed on front and open doors

crystal pieces with orange silk screened on base bottom

text etched and silver or gold color filled on bottle front

boxing ring replica  

boston buildings and fenway park replica with silver plate on base

silver resin city center replica and silver plate on black wood base

red brick resin wall with gold resin logo bug and brass plate

clear crystal with dna strand 3d etched inside and black base

wooden door with etched details and metal handle

artwork silk screened on custom clear crystal and base

die cut aluminum and artwork silk screened on clear crystals

wooden congress of brasil replica with silver plate on base

resin wall with painted aluminum address and clear crystals

clear plexi peanut with details etched on back

artwork on translucent blue plexi with clear plexi base

red and black plexi gate with brass plate on sandstone base

clear crystal with 3d etched logo bug in groove of blue wedge

artwork on custom cut crystal with laser cut aluminum address

test tubes and clear plexi on spinning bearing with white base

artwork on clear crystal back with black crystal base

die cut image in thermoformed plexi with silver plates on base

curved crystal and model plane with artwork on black crystal